Engineering safety first - Jaime Zabala - President of Advanced Hurricane Technology

Advanced Hurricane Technology and its parent company Imagen USA have been on the market nearly 30 years. During this time we’ve brought nearly a dozen products to market, all designed in house and tested to meet and exceed Florida building code standards. They range from the first end retention roll down system (60mm Roll Down), to the strongest accordion (AHT Mega), and even the first hurricane zipper screen (Super span screen).The most important thing they all have in common is that they always fare well in hurricanes. 

After every powerful storm we hear horror stories from homeowners and dealers alike about other hurricane shutter manufacturers. 

“We will never buy so much as a screw again from company XYZ “
“So-and-so’s screen tore right up the track when we need it the most”
“the slats literally tore off the wall only a few months after we installed them”

What the manufactures of these failed products have in common is that they are not safety first manufacturers. They prioritized price. They prioritized aesthetics. They prioritized lifestyle.

At Advanced Hurricane Technology our number one priority is our customers' safety. We design, engineer, source material, and perform quality checks with a safety first mentality that has saved lives.

We consider the composition of the smallest details, designing our own polycarbonate end locks where other's resort to cheaper Acetol or PVC ones that are far more brittle. We added reinforcements in our screens to protect weak corners where others removed them for being unsightly. We use bigger and thicker tracks for our screens, accordions, and roll downs because the connection to the substrate is more important than looking sleek. 

These design and business decisions have helped us continue to provide Advanced Hurricane Technology and live true to our name. 


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