Hello! We are Advanced Hurricane Technology

My parents were always visionaries. They could dream of a life where the decisions were left up to them and not dictated for them. 

Through tons of hard work and equal amounts of luck they immigrated to South West Florida in the early 90's and started a company named Imagen USA as a tribute to my grandparents old shop back in Ecuador. Imagen USA focused on service and repair of Hurricane Shutters (rolldowns). The company was comprised of dad, Jaime Zabala, as the lead technician, and mom, Fernanda Zabala, as the office manager/scheduler. In time this small "mom and pop" shop grew and with that growth came a new name... Advanced Hurricane Technology. 

Advanced Hurricane Technology, or AHT, is a wholesale manufacturer of quality Hurricane Protection Products from Rolldown shutters to hurricane screens and more.  We sell parts and components or we sell the finished product. We have clients throughout the Gulf Coast and the Atlantic Coast of the US, also Mexico, the Caribean, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.  

The past year has been a huge place for growth for AHT.  We moved into our new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Ft. Myers, Fl, and we began to focus a little more on our retail side under the name AHT Shutter Services in order to better meet the high demand of the growing population in South West Florida. 

I welcome you to visit our website www.ahtworldwide.com and get to know us and our products a little better. But more importantly, we welcome you to visit us at our manufacturing plant and showroom so you can see why AHT Means Quality! 


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